First Step

First Step 
Program being funded by United Way:
Developmental Treatment Program
407 Carson Street
P O Box 2440
Hot Springs, AR  71914
(501) 624-6468
All of our lives are affected to some degree by loved ones who have disabilities or have some form of mental illness. First Step is here to help improve the quality of life in the community by helping those with developmental disabilities become more independent.
From early detection in children to residential programs for adults, our mission is to provide treatment services, training and innovative solutions to enrich the lives of those at every age and every level of developmental disabilities and delays.
What challenges do you face? Take the first step toward equipping and empowering yourself and others in your family to make good decisions while navigating your way through the challenges that have come your way.
We would love to talk with you in person…to assess your needs, help you explore your options, and offer you one-on-one professional guidance.
Together, we can map out a strategy to help your child or loved one with developmental disabilities live a meaningful, high-quality life.
Malvern: 501.337.7622
Fordyce: 870.352.7975
Glenwood: 870.356.3622
Sparkman: 870.678.2201
Hamburg: 870.853.0857